Collection of Spatial Compositions/ 2023
Presented at Soundcinema Düsseldorf 2023, Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf, “Temporal-Sound-Spatial-Time”, Iklectik Artlab, London

Archipelago is a non-linear spatial electroacoustic composition that comprises a series of individual sub-compositions. The title, Archipelago, symbolises the collective memories and experiences of information overload. In our contemporary society, we often find ourselves resembling isolated islands, surrounded by an overwhelming influx of information: bustling traffic, crowds, intricate surveillance mechanisms, and immersive attractions and disturbances. The sub-compositions within the piece mirror these individual encounters with feelings of “islanded”, overwhelm and confusion. The performance of Archipelago is a journey navigating between the islands of memories, therefore, the order of the sub-compositions is left in indeterminacy.

Utilising spatial audio technology, Archipelago crafts an immersive experience of drifting through an endless ocean of information. The composition draws from field recordings and found sounds, employing granular synthesise techniques extensively to create intense generative sound collages that autonomously assemble fragments of memories. In addition, the transitions between sonic islands incorporate vinyl scratching techniques and improvised audio feedback oscillation on an echo synthesiser.