Dream Studies

I hunt for dreams.

I went on countless mid-night odysseys, to capture pieces of memories, attempting to understand the chaoticity of our minds.

I then cultivate them, while awake, by building systems that is equaly chaotic and unstable.


Dream Studies is an ongoing project exploring the chaotic mental states in dreams with sound collages and visuals. The project initiates on gathering written or oral records of dreams and corresponding sonic materials. According to the records, I then untilise chaotic algorithm and generative microsound systems to find dreams, possible ones that might have once occurred in brains.

Dream Studies - Durée

16-channel spatial sound composition / 2022

Dream Studies - Durée explores on the distortion of time in dreams. It recreates possible dream worlds with generative sonic approach. In dreams time is liberated from the ticking clocks. It extends or compresses according to our purest emotions, becoming non-linear flux in motion.

Dream Studies - Durée consists of a series of generative micro-compositions, each micro-composition reflects a sequence of a dream. Based on a oral and written records of time-bending dreams, I recorded and collected a selection of field recordings as raw material for generation. Micro-compositions are generated with granular and tape synthesisers by time stretching and rearranging the field recordings, like a sonic montage. A specially designed multi-dimensional chaotic system is developed to modulate the generation process, in order to simulate the chaotic dynamics and time perception of dreaming mind.