Reverse Extraction

Sound Composition & Performance / 2023
Electromagnetic pickup, iPhone, smart watch, CCTV, labtop, synthesiser 

Reverse Extraction is an ongoing project challenging the asymmetric relationship between humans and digital surveillance technologies. The work utilises electromagnetic pickups to hack into a set of electronic monitoring devices and play them as instruments.

The composition follows a three-stage procedure: extracting, processing, and rendering, treating extracted sound from digital devices exactly like how our data is treated by them. In this way, Reverse Extraction disrupts the unidirectional relationship between the suveiller (digital devices) and surveilees (us).

Reverse Extraction is developed in response to the age of digital panopticon. Surveillance has been everywhere since the rampant spread of smart technologies.  Cookies, CCTVs, data consents are everywhere. While it seems impossible to escape from these technologies, Reverse Extraction proceed to artistically imagine the symbiotic relationship between us humans and digital surveillance.