Back to the Ocean

Spatial Sound Composition/ 2022
Presented at EiS Immersive Audio Conference

"Back to the Ocean" is a spatial sound composition that explores the bodily and spiritual connection with the ocean. The work is inspired by a near-death experience (NDE) of drowning in the open waters of Saipan. Upon crossing the borderline of losing consciousness, an ineffable sensation of belonging and boundarylessness emerged, as described by Sigmund Freud, an "oceanic feeling," akin to returning to the mother's womb.

The sonic narrative is structured into three stages: immersion, deconstruction, and reformation. The first part presents a lush underwater odyssey, while the second deconstructs the body and memories through granulated sounds, followed by a bubbling sonic bath. The third stage conveys the ineffable feeling of boundarylessness and being akin to a fetus. The materials used in the composition are predominantly recordings from ocean water, human guts and vagina, captured with hydrophones and field recorders.