Glitchopolis is a Ambisonic spatial electroacoustic composition exploring information overload. Drawing inspiration from the metropolis of London, the piece captures the intense flux of information through countless encounters, dynamic traffic, and bustling construction sites.

Leveraging the expansive sound canvas of an ambisonic surround sound system, Glitchopolis crafts a condensed morphing landscape using primarily field recordings obtained in London city. The composition unfolds across two layers of musical space: a realistic space featuring intensive sound collages created with field recordings, and an abstract mental space characterised by artificial reverb and granular processing. The mental layer of space serves as a playground for glitching and feedback as analogies for overwhelm. The composition therefore communicates the frequent experience of a "brain crash" or "brain freeze" for individuals dealing with excessive amount of information.

Archipelago - Sonic Sketch
Collection of Spatial Compositions/ 2023
Presented at Soundcinema Düsseldorf 2023, Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf, “Temporal-Sound-Spatial-Time”, Iklectik Artlab, London