Sonic Bodies 

Generative Sound Installation/ 2023
Exhibited at Sound/Image Festival
Medium: synthesiser units, audio patch cord, power cords, stereo sound
Size variable
Infinite duration

Sonic Bodies is a generative sound installation that portrays an artificial body of the artist. It features a generative environment that combines a sound database representing intimate sonic experiences with a chaotic network, collectively influencing the emergence of new soundworlds.

Through interconnected synthesizers and patch cords, Sonic Bodies creates a generative sound patch that visually resembles an electronic embryo. It is a body without organs, animated by the desires of generation, improvisation, and destruction. The generative system amalgamates an audio recording collection reflecting sonic memories, transforming them into an inexhaustible, non-repetitive flow of soundscapes. Over time, it evolves through various stages including re-synthesis, spatialization, overwriting, feedback, fragmentation, and dissolution.

Scientists have prophesied that the age of organic life forms is approaching its end, with intelligent machines poised to replace humans as the most important life-forms. This prediction is supported by the recent surge in generative AI technology. Sonic Bodies speculates on this reality through a generative sound installation, creating an post humanist body transcending our flesh to achieve immortality.