Time-flux, 2024 
4-layer transparent screens and 4-channel sound installation
Infinite duration

Time-flux is a generative audio-visual installation exploring the form of time.

The installation is formed of four layers of transparent screens and quadraphonic surround sound. Each of the transparent screens captures the flux of time moving through, collectively forming a dynamic spatial sculpture that evolves in real-time. The audio-visual combination of Time-flux portrays the collapse of time around the gravitational pull of emotions and subjective experiences. Each screen projects a visual particle field filled with flowing element of time. The visual particles reacts to the dynamics and texture of the sound, resulting into attraction and repulsion effects. The generative sound collage draws materials from an intimate collection of field recordings, and process them to reflect the nonlinear and distorted nature of experiential time.

In the modern society, time has been commonly considered as even units for production and capitalisation. Time-flux addresses the dehumanising experience obligated to live within such a system. Inspired by Henri Bergson’s philosophical concept of Durée and Albert Einstein’s scientific theory of relativity, Time-flux celebrates the hidden experiential dimension of time beyond measurements.

Director, concept, sound, installation design: Zhao Jiajing
Creative coding, visuals: Bryan Yueshen Wu

The original version of Time-flux (2022) was sponsored by:


Special Thanks: LG Display, RCA x LGD Luminous Art & Design Competition Team

3rd Prize - LG Display, RCA x LGD Luminous Art & Design Competition
First Selection - Arte Laguna 17 Video Art Category

In conersation with Zhao Jiajing about Time-flux

More info about the Luminous exhibition

More info about the collaboration with LG Display


Time-flux, 2022
4-layer transparent OLED display and 4-channel sound installation, synthesiser
Infinite duration