Dream Studies


Spatial sound composition / 2023
Derived from previous composition titled Dream Studies - Durée, 2022, which has been presented at Monteaudio Festival, 2022, Montevideo, and “Electrify”, Iklectik Artlab, 2022, London

Durée draws inspiration from Henri Bergson’s philosophical insights, delving into the inseparable connections among time, consciousness, and memory. According to Bergson, time is inherently subjective, immeasurable, and subject to stretching or compression based on individual experiences.

In the introduction, the composition harnesses ambisonic surround sound to transform the listening space into a metaphorical clock face. The ticking of the clock circulates the horizontal plane, transitioning from regular to irregular rhythms before gradually disintegrating into particles. These clock tick particles are then enveloped by chaotic fluxes of experiences and memories, manifested in intricate sound collages. Over time, the sound collage undergoes a metamorphosis, evolving from distinct elements into a resonant drone, weaving an ethereal, elastic fabric of time in the space and presenting an imaginative manifestation of temporality.

As the spatiotemporal fabric fades away, deep breaths emerge as a novel measure of time, underscoring the subjective nature of temporal perception. Subsequently, nature sounds are introduced in-between breaths, together creating a soundscape of intertwined time. In the finale, the clock particles and ticks return with a non-linear behaviour dispersed throughout the space, seamlessly merges with the piece's outset.