Zhao Jiajing
赵      嘉旌

    The Extractor
    Post-Anthropocene Aquarium
    The Circle of Sleeplessness
    Resonating Object: the Pot

Sound Design
    A Useless Handbook of Must-See Images

Music Projects
    Reverie Noire
    夢羅 Monlo

Field Recordings
    Japan 2019


Zhao Jiajing
赵     嘉旌

Zhao Jiajing is a musician, sound designer and interdisciplinary artist from Beijing, China. After completing a BA in Music and Digital Cultures in 2019, at the University of Sydney, Australia, he is currently pursuing his studies at Royal College of Art in Information Experience Design, Sound Design Pathway.

His current works explore the uncertainty, fluidity, and plurality of sound with practices across spatial electro-acoustic composition, performance, video, and interactive installation. His works often rethink the existing society and reality, as well as reimagine the future. Key areas of interests include utopian thinking, human-machine symboisis, spirituality, surveillance, late-capitalism, consumerist culture, and the technic world. 

He also runs a solo Post Black Metal project, Reverie Noire, and has released a full-length album Winter Requiem in July 2019.