Zhao Jiajing (b. China) is a musician and  interdisciplinary artist based in London. He graduated from Information Experience Design (Sound Design) at the Royal College of Art in 2022. 

Zhao Jiajing’s practices spread across spatial sound composition, performance, and new media art. His approach to composition, sonic world-building, focuses on crafting immersive cross-sensory experiences through sound. He works extensively with chaotic algorithms and generative systems to create uncanny aesthetics. Key themes of his works include time, consciousness, nature, and spirituality. 

Appearance of his works has been made at Old Street Gallery, EiS Immersive Audio Conference, IRCAM, and more. Since 2019, he has been collaborating with pioneering theatrical groups, performers, and installation artists to produce music and sound. 


Selected performances, exhibitions, and presentations:

2022, LUMINOUS by RCA & LG Display - Old Street Gallery, London

2022 ELECTIFY - IKLECTIK ArtLab, London

2022 Everyday is Spatial Imersive Audio Conference - University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

2022 Aporia - AMP Gallery, London

2021 Ongoing Mystical Experiments - The Untitled Space, Shanghai

2020 IRCAM - Centre Pompidou, Paris


I think of my sonic projects as seeds that sprout in unforeseen variations. With chaotic algorithms I build generative systems that sounds can grow freely within. With recorded sound materials I create acousmatic compositions where many sonic possible worlds may be generated.

This open-ended approach to sound also applies to other mediums I engage with: video art, installation, and performance. The kernel of my works are uncertainties and possibilities that can result in plural forms and experiences. I think of it as a curated  journey that contains many possible paths, instead of collapsing into a fixed route. This allows me to survey metaphysical concepts including experiential time, dreams, and spirituality. The magic is revealed during the process of entanglement: the possibilities of the work being realised and combined with the active imagination of the spectator.