Zhao Jiajing is a sonic world architect and interdisciplinary artist based in London. In 2022 he graduated from the Royal College of Art with a degree in Information Experience Design - Sound Design Pathway.

Spanning spatial sound composition, generative sound design, installation, and new media, Zhao Jiajing's body of work delves into contemporary crises surrounding time, existence, and data. Zhao Jiajing approaches sound as spatial-temporal portals leading toward many possible worlds. Leveraging extensive field recordings, sound collage, and granular synthesis techniques, he curates sonic experiences that usher into cross-sensory worldcraft. Zhao Jiajing’s practice embraces the aesthetics of chaos and indeterminacy. He employs diverse generative techniques that grant autonomy to his artistic creations.

His works have been featured internationally at esteemed events and exhibitions such as Soundcinema Düsseldorf, LUMINOUS by LG Display & RCA, EiS Immersive Audio Conference, and IRCAM Forum. Zhao Jiajing also works as a multiskilled composer and sonic experience designer. Since 2019, he has collaborated with groundbreaking theatre groups, performers, and visual artists, resulting in a series of touring projects that continue to captivate audiences internationally.

Selected exhibitions, performances, and presentations:

2024 In Search of Some Phantom - Crypt Gallery, London

2024 Melting Point - Goldsmiths CCA, London

2023 Soundcinema Düsseldorf - FFT Düsseldorf

2023 Sound/Image Festival - University of Greenwich, London

2023 Diasporas Now - NN Contemporary, Northampton.

2023 Temporal-Space-Spatial-Time - Iklectik Artlab, London

2023 Vault Festival - The Vaults, London

2022 Monteaudio Art & Sound Festival - Universidad de la República, Montevideo

2022 LUMINOUS Award Exhibition - Old Street Gallery, London

2022 Everyday is Spatial Imersive Audio Conference - University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

2020 IRCAM Forum - IRCAM Centre Pompidou, Paris


3rd Prize - LUMINOUS by RCA & LG Display Art and Design Competition

First Selection - Arte Laguna Prize 18, Sculpture and Installations Category

First Selection - Arte Laguna Prize 17, Video Art Category

photo cr. Eivind Sorgenfryd