Zhao Jiajing (b.1996, Beijing) is a composer and interdisciplinary artist currently based in London. He holds an MA in Information Experience Design with a focus on Sound Design from the Royal College of Art.

Zhao’s artistic practice encompasses sound, installation, and new media, exploring themes such as temporality, technology, and nature. Since 2019, he has been deeply engaged in spatial sound, creating multichannel electroacoustic compositions and installations. His compositions craft soundworlds that evoke cross-sensory imaginations through intricate sound collage and granular techniques.

Zhao Jiajing’s works have been shown internationally at events and places such as New York City Elecroacoustic Music Festival, Soundcinema Düsseldorf, LUMINOUS by LG Display & RCA, Sound/Image Festival, EiS Immersive Audio Conference, Goldsmiths CCA, NN Contemporary, and IRCAM Forum. As a versatile composer and sound designer, he has collaborated with pioneering theatre groups, performers, and visual artists, producing projects that captivate audiences globally.

(Zhao/赵 - Family name, Jiajing/嘉旌 - given name)

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I consider myself an architect of sound worlds, entranced by the ephemeral realms within sound: the concrete, the fictional, and the paradoxical. I am captivated by the unique power of sound to build worlds that other mediums cannot replicate.

In my composition and sound design, I extensively utilise field recordings. I manipulate the time, space, and essence of these sound fragments through granulation, collaging, synthesis, and filtering to craft new soundscapes. Since 2019, I have explored various formats of immersive sound, from Ambisonic spatial audio to multichannel sonic installations without loudspeakers.

In creating my works, I fully embrace chaos and indeterminacy. I employ diverse generative techniques that grant autonomy to my artistic creations, allowing me to observe their behaviours as if they were living entities.

I view art and music as ways to address the collective anxiety of our hyperactive world. My experiences with the contemporary crises of time, capitalism, and technology serve as my central inspirations, while my works also delve into broader themes such as surveillance, the attention economy, nature, and post-humanism.

photo cr. Eivind Sorgenfryd